February 8-9 | Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN.


Disciplemaking Blueprint is a TWO DAY experience that allows you to spend time in the context of a local church actively engaging in discipleship. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with staff as well as walk alongside members as you:

  1. Learn how to plan, formulate, and develop a disciple-making culture in your church and its ministries (missions, women and men).
  2. Study Jesus’ and other historical models for making disciples.
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan for raising up leaders in your church.
  4. Learn how to navigate issues that arise in your D-Groups.
  5. Participate in a D-Group led by an experience disciple-maker.
  6. Consider principles and strategies for starting D-Groups and multiplying mature believers in your context when you return.

Meet the Team


Robby Gallaty

Senior Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church

Kandi Gallaty

Mom & Disciplemaker

Tim LaFleur

Campus Development Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church


Gus Hernandez, JR.

Spiritual Formations Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church



One young lady reported that when she went home that night she was crying uncontrollably as God filled her heart with a new desire to be a committed follower of Jesus. Another man and his family prayerfully made a list of potential disciples. With your insight and book I was able to present in all respects a wholistic plan regarding discipleship.
— Dexter Daly, Lead Pastor at Point Fortin Nazarene, Caribbean Islands
I think it’s always good to hear from others and so being able to talk, first of all, with other practitioners, other pastors, other staff members and hearing what they’re doing in their churches is encouraging to me. Because you realize, you’re not alone.
— Bob Ehr, Pastor of Lawrenceburg First Baptist
Gave us more than enough resources and ideas of how to implement D-Groups in our churches.
— Milton
The model D-Group experience was hands down the most inspiring and encouraging aspect of this conference.
— Kristi
As a pastor of a local congregation and someone who’s been through 11 years of school (formal eduction after high school), I have never heard the first word about discipleship this way.
— Bill Landers, Pastor of Fairview Baptist